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Entrepreneurial Women in Radiology


Practicing Radiology Part-Time, or creating a path to retirement:

Member Resources

Professional Downsizing: A Radiologists Road to Retirement Webinar


ACR Appropriateness Criteria

Journal of the American College of Radiology: Opportunity to earn 24 CME per year at no additional cost

ACR Bulletin: Covering Career, Economics, Patient Engagement, Practice Management. Includes online Resident and Fellow news section for our members-in-training

Advocacy & Economics

Artificial Intelligence

AI Training & Testing Standards: Protecting personal health information and preparing data appropriately for training and testing an algorithm can be difficult and time-consuming. ACR offers image anonymization, annotation tools and services for developers to work with radiologists to prepare images for use in AI development.

AI Best Practices: Podcast discussing efforts by RadPartners to meet BPR recommendations.

Residents and Fellows Section (RFS) AI Journal Club

ACR Bulletin Podcast on Youtube

AI Basics

Demystifying AI: How you can simulate AI use in clinical practice. webinar ACR AI-LAB: Bringing AI to Routine Clinical Practice

Podcast/ACR on AI workflow integration

FDA New Digital Health Policy Resources: Informational tool to determine whether a software function is FDA-regulated, and a report of takeaway lessons following completion of the 2017 Software Precertification Pilot Program.

ACR Informatics Commission

Bringing AI to Practice: introductory videos. IT Commission e-learning hub

Understanding AI in 5 Lessons

ACR DATA Science Institute (DSI)

AI Central: Practice solutions, Filter by application type, pick areas of interest to try out, and contact marketplace vendors to try out the software.

AI Basics

AI Central Algorithms

DSI Blog

Demystifying AI: How you can simulate AI use in clinical practice. webinar ACR AI-LAB: Bringing AI to Routine Clinical Practice

Data Science Institute AI Lab: For building your own algorithms.

Primer on Revolutionizing Healthcare (non ACR site)

Article on the Future of Radiology and AI

Kaggle Account

Patient Resources

RadiologyInfo for Patients

Brochures: Resources for Parents

Choosing Wisely Patient Resources: Patient resources based on specialty society recommendations for when to order imaging. Material is intended to help avoid unnecessary medical tests, treatments, and procedures. Search by topic for patient information that can be downloaded as PDF handouts.

Appropriateness Criteria Patient-Friendly Summaries: Summaries of ACR Appropriateness Criteria written in patient-friendly language, intended to help patients understand what tests are appropriate for their situation.

Dosage Reference Card

Members in Training

Goldberg-Reeder Resident Travel Grant: The ACR Foundation awards the Goldberg-Reeder Resident Travel Grant each year to qualified radiology residents and fellows who are seeking to spend at least one month in a developing nation assisting in health care.

Radiology Scholars Certificate